Volunteer Training

Where to Go

  • Chestnut Fields parking lot, 101 West Chestnut Street (former site of Talawanda High School). Look for us near the Goodwill trailers.
  • Use the main entrance to Chestnut Fields. Do not use the Collins Run Road or Board of Education entrances.
  • Miami University owns Chestnut Fields and smoking is prohited anywhere on the site.

Volunteer Check In

  • Sign in and sign an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability form. Everyone must sign this form prior to picking up donations, but you only have to do this once.
  • Sign in at the beginning of the day and sign out at the end of your last shift. This helps us track volunteer hours.


  • ShareFest volunteers may use the restrooms located at the rear of the Chestnut Field House. Use the east sidewalk and do not walk on the grass!
  • Volunteers can use the restrooms to put on the ShareFest t-shirts.


Donation Standards

Cleanliness, Appearance, and Condition

  • Furniture and appliances must not require extensive cleaning. Minor stains are ok.
  • An item with small dents and dings may acceptable if they do not affect the use of the item.
  • Clothing should be in good condition and clean.
  • Inspect for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspection

When not feeding, bed bugs can hide anywhere—wood, upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, walls, etc. Look in cracks and crevices for small red or brown spots.

bed bug life cycle

Bed bug life cycle. Photo credit: Stephen Doggett, Dept. of Medical Entomology, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia

bed bug under box spring

Live bed bug and shed skin found on the bottom of a box spring. Photo credit: bestpestcontrol.us

bed bugs under mattress

Box spring covering that is housing adults, skin castings, feces, and eggs. Photo credit: Dr. Louis Sorkin

live bed bugs, eggs, and fecal matter behind a headboard

Live bed bugs, eggs and fecal stains found behind a headboard. Photo credit: bestpestcontrol.us

Acceptable Donations

  • Please see the list at DONATE

Unacceptable Donations

  • Please see the list at DONATE



  • Review the Miami University map. Arrows point to the best doors to use at each hall.
  • Beware of crosswalks, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Pull your vehicle as close as you can get it to the residence halls.
  • Do not park on the grass.
  • If you park near a dumpster, leave someone with the vehicle so they can move it if Rumpke comes to empty the dumpster.
  • Designate one person to inventory the donation as you load items into the vehicle(s) at each residence hall.
  • Remove everything from the ShareFest drop off site in each residence hall, including items your recipient group does not want. Unwanted items should be taken to the ShareFest dispatch/collection area and swapped with other groups.
  • If you find trash or garbage, dispose of it at the on-site trash facility.
  • Do not go to any other areas of the residence halls other than the ShareFest drop off area.
  • If it is prior to 5:00 PM on Friday, do your best to bring empty boxes from the central ShareFest site (Chestnut Fields) to leave at the ShareFest drop-off area in the residence hall for subsequent donations.
  • If there is any question about whether items are ShareFest donations or may be personal belongings of a student, ask a Resident Assistant or Resident Director for clarification.
  • Short on volunteers? Ask for assistance from people in the hall.
  • Miami University is a non-smoking campus. Miami University prohibits smoking anywhere on campus, including sidewalks. Visitors smoking on campus can be arrested for criminal trespass.

After you pick up donations

  • Return to Chestnut Fields
  • Unload your vehicle, if applicable. The on-site team will direct you.
  • Return the completed pickup request/inventory sheet(s) to the dispatcher
  • If you are staying for an additional hour, the dispatcher will send you out to pick up more donations